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Online Quran Academy

Online Noor Ul Quran is a well-organized Online Quran Academy, performing an outstanding role in online quran learning of Muslims all around the world. the following sayings of the Holy Prophet highlight the importance of the study quran,

Holy Prophet(PBUH) said “The Best amongst you is the one, who learns Quran and teaches it.”

Learning Quran from an Online Quran Academy have become very easy in the era of technology. The Families who can’t join the Physical Quran Academies or Centers can avail the online Quran Learning Systems.

Online Noor Ul Quran offering an easy and flexible way for kids reading the quran in a collaborative online environment. We are offering online classes in Pakistan to learn and understand the quran in the true sense. The main aim of this online platform is to provide learners a chance not only to get command of the Arabic language and a deep understanding of each verse of the holy quran but also to offer online quran teaching jobs. Now your kids can access the knowledge of the Quran with Tajweed by sitting at home in front of your eyes. We are offering a tajweed quran online course to learn Quran with the proper rules of Tajweed and accurately recite the Quran. Alhamdulillah since 2014 thousands of people have completed and memorized the holy Qur’an from our online academy. 

Join us for the most personalized Online Noor Ul Quran experience with our expert Quran tutors, appropriate for both children and adults. We always ensure the best and reliable system for you. You want to give it a try and see how these online classes by availing the opportunity of free online memorization classes, so Register yourself for 3 days free trial and do contact us now on Here for any query or help.


How You Will Get Classes?


With the help of our inclusive and most effective learning process, Muslims from all age groups and gender can easily learn the online Quran properly and understand the meaning of every word. 

You can approach with just a few clicks and start your learning.

Quality Softwares are used to make the lessons productive and easy.

Our Online Quran Academy delivers the classes through PCs, laptops, and Mobile Phones. Online quran teaching Skype (Download Skype Here) provides perfect communication and also the additional feature of screen sharing make the live classes more attractive and productive. In the case of any Mobile Phone, we use Zoom ( app can be downloaded from Play store or app store) for the live sessions to make them more interactive. We have the most experienced male and female tutors available, and you may schedule your courses at any time and on any day of the week. You can select a course based on your preferences and needs. For you, we provide different features and a dependable system. So, if you want to learn Quran online get register today! Click Here.


Online Quran Academy Most Using App
Zoom is Mostly Used in Online Quran Academy specially in Online Noor Ul Quran
Teamviers in Online Quran academiesn

We Offer 3 Languages Speaking Teachers

English, Urdu, And Arabic

It is really fun and easy to learn Quran online with Tajweed for kids and adults. We also offer 3 days of free Trail Classes.

Online Quran Learning Kid With Online Noor Ul Quran

Why To Choose Learn Quran Online


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Live Classes

Online Noor Ul Quran provides live classes sessions in which a single student gets class to a tutor. The live session provides all question answers during the class. We always ensure the quality of lessons, experienced tutors, and best courses.

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Adjustable Timings

Learning Quran online at Online Noor Ul Quran is easier and easier here you can choose the class time according to your own choice of comfort. We give 30 to 45 minutes per student and our services are 7/24.

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Influential Classes

Through the visual and auditory live sessions, colorful pages, screen sharing, and applications usage make the classes more and more influential. Online Noor Ul Quran delivers the best live classes to everyone at home.

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Female Tutors

Females who want to Learn Quran Online with a female tutor. We most welcome them because we are aware of their need. We have the most experienced and Qaria Urdu, English, and Arabic speaking female tutors.

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We are providing the online Quran classes since 2014. Up to now, we got more than 2000 students from which 153 memorized and 1110 got Tajweed skills.

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Flexible Prices

Our goal is to promote the Islamic education throughout the universe. As the finance support institutes but if one can’t afford full payment we most welcome to negotiate.

Our Courses


Noorani Qaida Course in Online Noor Ul Quran

Basic Noorani Qaidah Course(Kids)

This course is for the beginners and for kids to know the Alphabet of the Arabic language. By doing this course one becomes able to recognize and pronounce the alphabets perfectly which proves to be very helpful in Qur’an. For detail click.

Quran Tajweed Course in Online Quran Academy for Kids or Beginners

Qur’an With Tajweed Course

Tajweed means reading Qur’an as it desires to be read. As the Holy Prophet P.B.U.H said: “Make your voices beautiful when you recite Qur’an.” Reading Qur’an with all rules and best pronunciation is accepted by the Allah. For detail click.

Quran Memorization Course Online

Qur’an Memorization Course

Qur’an memorization means learning the Holy Quran by heart and full concentration. There is no such book on this planet that can be memorized by young of 6 to the man of 60 years old except the Qur’an. Indeed it’s the miracle of Qu’ran. For detail click.

Quran Translation Course to Register Now

Qur’an Translation Course

It’s not enough to read the Qur’an only, one should know what Allah wants to say in this Holy Book. For this course, one should be able to read the Holy Qur’an with Tajweed. For full detail click.

Learn Online Quran tafseer In Online Quran Academ.

Qur’an Explanation (Tafseer E Quran)

Each word of the Qur’an has its own explanation. In which situation the verse was revealed and what was its cause(Shan e Nazool). All will be explained with full meaning and detail. For full detail click.

Courses For New Muslims in Online Quran Academy

Course For New Muslims

Qur’an memorization means learning the Holy Quran by heart and full concentration. There is no such book on this planet that can be memorized by young of 6 to the man of 60 years old except the Qur’an. Indeed it’s the miracle of Qu’ran. For detail click.

Why Online Courses For Kids With Us?


In our top Online Quran academy, We provide lectures for kids with the help of latest technology. In our interactive and enganging online classes kids not only get knowledge of Quran but they also understand how they can follow and get guidance at every step in their lives.

In our Quran tutoring services we mainly focused on Kids. Not only for kids but our online courses are available for everyone without gender distinction. We have a team of efficient, trustworthy, kids loving  Quran tutors, they creat interactive environment and make it super easy to Learn Quran Online.

Our online courses for kids offer an effective way to learn Quran. So join us and we will guide your kids to make them proefficient. With our exclusive tutoring style, your Kids will learn Quran with tajweed fastly  In Sha Allah.

Learning Quran Online Is More Convenient Now


The more effective and convenient the way more you learn. At OnlineNoorUlQuran.com, our first priority is to make the learning process quick and convenient, so that the learners properly understood. Following dwrvices are being offered to make learning process easy.


  • Through live physical interaction with students
  • Professional and qualified Quran tutors
  • With special focus on learning from basic such as from Noorani qaida
  • Complete guidance and attention are being given to student as you can watch even in a lecture.
  • Evaluation of learners on a daily basis
  • We will not move forward until you get command on basic
  • Thus with Online Noor ul Quran, the learning process is not only easy to learn but also efficient and effective.

How Lesson Delivered At Onlinenoorulquran


The way of delivering lessons totally depend upon tutor, Our goal is to provide you quality online Quran learning at first. This is why onlinenoorulquran.com have selected the best tutors who are efficient in online teaching and the knowledge of the Quran. They first creat the comprehensive lesson plan which is then followed by such tutors to makes the lesson easy to study and understand. following are some features of our teaching method;


  • Everyday we taught 10 vocabulary items to new learners.
  • According to learning capability of students we increase our class duration.
  • Our teaching staff is expert in multiple language like Arabic, English & Urdu.
  • We also offer the choice of selecting tutor for learning quran online with availability of trained tutors,female Qur’an tutors.
  • On this platform, Students can approach their tutor directly if they have any problem


Online Quran Classes in the USA & UK


Online learning with Online Noor ul Quran is a best chance to avail, without time restriction. It is very simple and convenient to take online Quran classes in the United States, the United Kingdom.

We are the best choice for those who are residing in UK & USA and want to learn Quran online. Are you ready to take start? The country where you are living does’t matter, you can take classes with us. We welcome all Muslims from all over the world to avail our services. There is no restriction of location and region. We are providing Online Noor Ul Quran classes in the UK, USA, and other western countries of the world. You will learn with efficient and well qualified tutors by at your own place.

Online Quran Classes in the USA & UK


Online Noor Ul Quran learning is certainly a more effective platform for the Muslims throughout the world as discussed before. We offer a productive environment so that students feel comfortable while alearning in the classes. We give the surety of brilliant results and the success of learners because we have confidence in our online teaching methodology. Students can select learning time that is feasible for them. We are especially suitable for working professionals. These things make us prominent among other online Quran academies.

Start your online Quran Classes with us today & Get registered yourself in the specific Quran courses and give us the opportunity to convey you the best.