Easy Quran reading

Easy Quran reading

Easy quran reading is major concern of Muslims throughout the world especially for non- native Arabic learners. The Qur’an is the word of Allah Almighty. It was revealed by Allah to provide complete Guidance to humanity in all its affairs. The Quran, thus was revealed for the obvious purposes of being (1) read, (2) understood and (3) practised. It is the responsibility of every Muslim to read the Quran, to understand the Quran and to practice in daily life. There is no reason for ‘Quranic illiteracy’ that is prevailing in most areas of the Muslim community today. Many Muslims today hardly know how to read the Quran appropriately, even though the 1st  Revelation that was sent to the Prophet, sallallahu alaihi wa sallam, was: ‘READ’.

Easy quran reading

It has been estimated that 80 prcent of muslims are non arabs, quran reading and listening in proper way is their first priority. Various techniques and methods have been developed to make quran reading easy for muslim reading quran.

One of these method is to start learning from basics such as from noorani qaida, it is best tool for children reading quran. Well, the thing often come in our mind whenever we start reading or learning the Holy Quran. Allah Subhana hu Wata’la says:

“Indeed, we have made it an Arabic Quran that you might understand.”  (43:3)

This ayah give the insight of revealing holy quran in Arabic language as it was native language of arabs. So that they can easy understand and follow the holy quran.

First step to learn Quran reading:

So we can say Arabic is ideal language of quran. It is of great concern of all parent that their kids read quran is best way. Noorani qaida is best fundamental tool child reading quran so they would become able to pronounce word in true way.

After you have practiced the Noorani Qaida, you will  surely have a basic understanding of the Arabic words. You can read them in better way.

Second step

  • The next step is to start reading the Holy Quran. It is time to get hold on reading the verses of the Quran instead of just to read the words.
  • In this step, You will practice each and every verse of the Holy Quran. You will  practicing on daily basis till the time you become able to read each and every verse of the Holy Quran  properly.
  • If you want to recite with proper fluency, you will have to learn the “Qiraat” from an expert teacher.
  • Our kids are our future in order to make them good citizen and fruitful for society we should make them to learn quran in best way.

Need of qualified tutor:

Learning how to read the  Holy Quran is not easy nowadays if one does not have aqualified tutor . Beecause of this reason, another effective and efficient way of learning the reading of the Quran is with the help of online video lessons.

The very first step from where  a learner of the Quran should take start is learning the Arabic alphabet. Learning to read the Quran need someone to listen to the recitation of the Quran by a qualified teacher and reciter word to word. You should try to recite same verse after him and also recite along with him. Therefore, you can apply the rules of the reading of the Quran and obviously become a best reciter of the Quran.

Madni Qaida Online

Madni Qaida Online

Madni Noorani Qaida is launched by “Majlis Madrasa Almadinah”. It is published by the Maktaba-tul-Madina & consists of 54 pages with 17 chapters. Noorani Qaida is known as the basic Qaida to learn the Holy Quran worldwide. It is much difficult for learners to read the Holy Quran just because it is in the Arabic language without knowing the basics of Arabic grammar. In this regard, Madni Noorani Qaida is introduced by “Jamat-e-Islami” a non-political & non-profit organization of Pakistan. It is a multilingual Qaida for learners all across the world. Except for the Booklet form now it is available online too. You can read online Madni Noorani Qaida and can also download it to read it offline.
  • Madni Qaida is available in Urdu for all those who can speak & understand it in Urdu. At the same time, it is also available in English
  • Noorani Qaida English pdf is also available for online reading and can be downloaded. Noorani Qaida English has all the Arabic basic rules explained in English. English learners can download English Noorani Qaida by clicking on the English Madni Qaida.
  • In Noorani Qaida, Seventeen chapters start from a single haroof to a complex one.
  • The Arabic rules of use of Zayer, Zabar, Payesh, Jazam, Shad, Maad, etc. are shown. It is very necessary to learn the basic rules of Arabic to learn the Holy Quran in Arabic as most of us are not Native Arabic.
  • Muslims must read the Holy Quran with proper pronunciation. If the Holy Quran is not recited with proper pronunciation then there are changed meanings of the Ayaat.
Before learning Noorani Qaida Makharij is taught for proper pronunciation. It is a big achievement because the learners can learn without tutors and not a time bounding. It is an offline application providing an exciting opportunity to learn Holy Quran basics. Madni app consists of 22 lessons with some exercises and repetitions. Practices of Hakaat & Tanveen, long vowels, short vowels, Haroof e Maddah, Vertical Zair/ Zabar & much more when learned before the learning of Holy Quran then it makes it easy for the learner to learn Quran.
Noorani Qaida Online

Noorani Qaida Online

To learn the Holy Quran with correct pronunciation or Tajweed is a religious obligation of Muslims. Noorani Qaida is thought to be a basic Qaida for children to learn the Holy Quran all across the world. The Holy Quran can not be learned without knowing the basic Tajweed rules. It teaches the learner Zayer, Zabar, Paysh, Maad & Shad the most basic elements of Arabic.

To learn the Quran e Pak there is a “Qaida” designed for beginners. Keeping in mind the “Makharij” is designed for those who are not native Arabic and can learn the Holy Quran easily. of 17 chapters each with a specific pattern of learning. It is not possible to learn Quranic words without knowing the Arabic basic rules & pronunciation. consists of all the basics of Arabic used in the Holy Quran.

There are some key features :

  • Noorani Qaida a basic one Qaida for kids is available in pdf & can be downloaded to any device like android, tablet & even Computer, or Laptop.
  • It makes learning Arabic rules easier for the learner and not difficult to carry.
  • Noorani Qaida in English is designed for those who are native English speakers. It provides all the rules of Arabic pronunciation & can be used to learn Arabic basics without Tutor.
  • Noorani Qaida is now available online & can be learned without downloading by just clicking the required page.
  • Noorani Qaida sites were launched in 2010 & onward. The app is a big initiative for learners of all languages. It is a bilingual app and can be downloaded from the play store in all countries.
  • app is designed by keeping in mind the following basic rules of Quran learning: Joints, Letters & compounds, Tanween, Long vowels, Short vowels, Rules of Raa & Laam, Makharij, Sakoon & Jam, etc.

There are unlimited benefits of Noorani Qaida because it makes it easier to learn according to your spare time. By touching a single letter you may get the correct Audio pronunciation of that letter & can repeat it also. It makes you free from tutor & then you can learn letter by letter joining of a word. The voiceover is done in other languages too for non-Arabic learners.

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Islamic studies online

Islamic studies online

Islamic studies:

This includes a deep study of the Qur’an and the sayings of Muhammad. Besides this, wide knowledge of basic things such as the workings of Islamic law, Sufism, political views, the major divisions of the faith, basic part and highlights of different pieces of literature and the role of women, etc.

These studies have become mandatory for the 21st-century issue and there is a growing recognition that Islamic Studies has become a subject of specific importance in a multicultural society. The students of today, if get a complete understanding and basic knowledge of all aspects of Islam, will become the teachers of the future with an idea for multiculturalism and peaceful co-existence.

Online Islamic studies:

It doesn’t matter at which stage of life we may be in, the need for Islamic learning never ends. There is always more to learn, follow, and be inspired by. The idea of sitting and learning from a thoughtful and knowledgeable teacher who can develop our minds, broader our thinking, and brighten our hearts is every student’s dream. But, due to Covid-19 such regular in-person gatherings almost impossible our attention has been turned to seriously consider the option of online learning. And we are loving it.

More than just watching YouTube videos, listening to audio lessons, or tajweed mp3s, true online Islamic learning with an efficient teacher has allowed us to resolve all that made Islamic learning more difficult in the past. There are various benefit has been observed by taking our Islamic learning online.

Benefits of online Islamic courses:

If you’re a parent seeking Islamic studies courses for your children, then the benefit multiplies exponentially. No more exhausting journeys and anxiety about moving from one place to another. The ease of online learning sets each lesson up for success.

Furthermore, because they are not required to organize a physical venue, students and teachers can be more flexible with class numbers and timetables. Imam Connect makes it simple to contact and schedule the teacher you require at your convenience.

Islamic studies for kids:

Various online institutes are available for kids to get Islamic knowledge. Their courses are specially designed and developed for Muslim kids in non-Muslim countries because we all can understand the challenges parents may face in raising their children Islamically in a non-Muslim environment and teaching them Islamic education for children better way. Also, these courses are specially designed and set into levels in an interactive way that suits our kid’s current level of Islamic knowledge and facilitates the entire learning process.

Short Islamic courses:

These short Islamic courses have been designed for kids to taught them all basic things about Islam, so they may become successful not only in this life but also thereafter.

  • Aqidah (Islamic Creed)

·        Islamic History

·        Quran

·        Fiqh

·        Hadith

·        Islamic Manners and Ethics

·        Duas and Azkar

Online Quran Course provides one on one Quran classes as well as all required Islamic education from a basic to advanced level online to our students by live expert and highly qualified teachers via Skype and other sources.


We provide Qualitative Lessons of Quran and Islamic classes. Student’s satisfaction is our priority. You are most welcome join as a Free Trial class as well.

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Fundamental Duas for Kids (Easy To Remember)

Fundamental Duas for Kids (Easy To Remember)

One of major elements of a Muslim conduct is making of Dua & Fundamental Duas for Kids. Besides general and major events like Eid, Fasting, Marriage, etc., Islam stresses upon Muslims to fundamental dua’s.  So we need to look for shelter in Allah from Shiyateen as guided by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).With our regular Noor Ul Quran recitation classes, we additionally show daily fundamental dua’s for kids. Our expert tutors will direct you about the significance of these Duain which we took from the authentic books of Hadith.


Like what to recite after we wake up and what to recite when leaving home. These Duas carry sharp impact to your kids and will help kids to improve the quality of life.

How to make Dua:

In our online academy, we teach a couple of things that a Muslim must remember for Dua.The main thing to remember is the intention behind making Dua must be conjure to Allah Almighty with sincerity and purity of heart. The second thing that is a person must memorize the Arabic Dua’s so that it shows the true spirit of religious inclination. If you are someone who cannot read the Arabic Quranic verses, you are recommended to learn it with the help of our online Quran Tutors.

 Noor Ul Quran Fundamental Dua’s course Outlines:

In Noor Ul Quran Fundamental Dua’s course, here are fundamental du’as that may be easy for children to memorize, in sha Allah. As b​efor​e doing anything we say:

ﻢِ ْﯿ ِﱠﺮﻟا نَِﻄْﯿﺸﻟا َﻦﻣِ ِﷲﺎِ ُذْﻮُﻋَا


ﻢِ ْﯿ ﺣِﱠﺮﻟا ﻦَِﻤْﺣﻟا ِﷲا ﻢِْﺴِ

This course Outlines are:

  • Before And After Meal
  • Entering And Exiting Masjid
  • When Sneezing
  • When In Anger
  • Entering And Leaving Home
  • When Feeling Stressed
  • While Traveling
  • Before entering the bathroom
  • When waking from sleep
  • Before sleeping
  • Common Duas
  • Du’a to say in the mornings and evening

In our academy, along with the above du’as, and many more, students can also learn the three last suras of the Quran and sura Al-Fatiha. In short, sura Al-Ikhlas alone has too many benefits to count. Holy Prophet s.a.w.w said that it is one third of the Quran,​same goes for sura Al-Fatiha. The benefits and virtues of each fundamental dua’s are countless.

With our Fundamental Dua’s course, students will get Allah’s help on day by day performing tasks. We explain to students so that they will gain proficiency with these daily Dua’s by heart. These valuable Duas are a significant section of our courses.We will teach you and your kids daily Duain online with our Fundamental Dua’s course. We help students learn daily dua’s. These duas are the piece of our courses. As complementary course of Quran Reading, Noorani Qaida, Quran memorization and tafseer Course, you can get familiar with this course independently too.

So, Click here for online Noor Ul Quran Fundamental Dua’s course and join 5 days free trial today. All of du’as and many more can be found in Noor Ul Quran academy.

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Best Courses For New Muslims

Best Courses For New Muslims

In our today’s digital life, learning the knowledge of Islam and teaching it to our kids is very essential for us. Noor Ul Quran New Muslim course is an online course devoted to teaching the basics of Islam to new Muslims. 

Allah Almighty says in Holy Quran:

“We did not send before (O Muhammad) any messenger but we revealed to him:

‘None has the right to be worshipped except me, therefore worship me”.

 [Holy Quran, Chapter 21, Verse 25]


“Those who have faith and whose hearts find peace in the remembrance of God”

 [The Quran, Chapter 13, Verse 28]


“Unquestionably, God’s friends have nothing to fear, nor shall they grieve.”

 [Holy Quran, Chapter 10, Verse 62]


In our new Muslim course, learners will be able to know the basics of their beliefs, life of our Prophet, Fiqh, Tauheed, Dua’s, hadith, and History. Our well qualified tutors give information on the values, theology, and the pillars of Islam and how to actualize each of them.

Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) emphasis on learning of Islamic knowledge, He said:

“Seeking knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim”.

Noor Ul Quran New Muslims Course Outlines:

Hence in our new Muslim course, students learn everything about:

The Five Pillars:

  1. Shahadah
  2. Prayer
  3. Zakat
  4. Fasting
  5. Hajj

The Islamic Beliefs:

  1. Creation
  2. The purpose of life
  3. Knowing Allah
  4. Books revealed by Allah
  5. Messengers and Prophets
  6. Hereafter

Islamic Laws:

  1. Understanding Islamic Laws
  2. Different opinions and sects
  3. General guidelines for living as a Muslim

Living Islam:

  1. Foods, clothing and common phrases
  2. Gender relations, marriage and family
  3. Financial issues and Societal responsibility

Benefits of New Muslims Course:  

In our online Noor ul Quran academy, New Muslims course tailored to people who have just embraced Islam or thinking about embracing Islam. Our New Muslim Course provides benefits:

  • Achieving Inner Peace
  • Having a Direct Relationship with Allah
  • Knowledge about Perform fasting, Omrah and Hajj
  • Discovering Purpose in life
  • Eternal Bliss
  • General guidelines as a Muslim
  • Daily Azkar
  • Knowing about Fiqh, Tauheed, Dua’s & hadith
  • Read and Memorize Short Surah’s of Qur’an

In our academy, we have experience tutors and new learners will be able to learn about Islam in true sense. Through our teachings, students will be able to know what Islam is. And its true teachings. We are the most reliable resource for understanding Islam. Our trained tutors help you develop the religious spirit in you and your children. You can ask questions about any Islamic issue or rules and regulations.In our online academy, we will also teach the History of Islam and maintain values as a Muslim. We are currently giving classes to a large number of Muslim communities living in all parts of the world including the USA, UK, and more.

Join us today, we will help you and shape your minds so that you will be identified as a true Muslim. To learn more about the course, contact us today for 5 days free trial in our Noor Ul Quran academy.