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Apr 10, 2020

The secret to detecting the top-notch online Quran?

The modern world is revolutionizing our Islamic world; moreover, our religion Islam is taking the state of the art technology and triggered learning as a vital mode of delivering Islam along with enlightening the message of truth in every nook and corner of the world. However, the methods of teaching are modernizing over the past couple of years.

Another gift of technology for the Muslim community is the ability to read Quran online. The majority of us are getting inclined towards listening Quran online from the Quran teacher, along with the ability to read the Holy Quran online. Furthermore, people also want to understand the strong connection with Allah the Holy Quran has.

However, one of the major concerns of the Islamic community is the tug of war in seeking a proficient Quran teacher to enlighten us with the knowledge of light. Since none of us can deny the fact that the Holy Quran is a complete institute in itself, and none of us can master the knowledge until you do not seek proper guidance from an expert with maximum knowledge about the religion. Since there is a number of portals offering you to read and listen to the Quran online, but do you know the points to ponder before seeking an online Quran teacher for yourself and loved ones. After all, there is nothing important then enlightening our souls with the knowledge of the Holy Quran.

The importance of learning the Quran for us and our kids:

We as Muslims are quite proud of our religion Islam; therefore, the primary education of every Muslim child is Islam and the Quran. Among all surahs, the primary step of absorbing Islamic education is how to learn Quran online with tajweed. After all, the Holy Quran is Allah’s book, and every word is purely according to Allah’s wish; therefore, no non-Muslim can understand the importance of the Quran in our lives.baby_reading_online

Allah Almighty sent us this way of life through our Holy Prophet PBUH. Moreover, it is the fundamental source leading us to Sharia. Therefore, it is the moral duty of every Muslim child is to understand the Quran and Namaz from an early age. All thanks to the technology for making listening to Quran, and to Quran recitation a piece of cake on the cyber world.

The internet has ample of institutions offering Quranic education to people at minimal cost, and flexible timing. We allow our kids to enjoy internet games and videos, so why not making them learn Quran online through this super easy mode.

Authentic knowledge about the Holy Quran:

Now, what is the primary characteristic you want in a Quran Kareem teacher? Certainly, it is the accurate knowledge about the religion and the Holy book. However, not only the basic knowledge but in depth information about the message Quran Kareem is offering. We should root strictly following the preaching of our Holy Prophet PBUH. Following the citation by our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH),

“The knowledge of hadith is included in the Deen. Therefore before acquiring knowledge, be aware from whom knowledge is acquired”.

There are no two ways about the facts that our society has all sorts of positive and negative people, and in search of truth, people often get misguided. Likewise, looking for a true Islamic teacher with complete command over Islamic preaching is an audios task, and people often end up falling in the trap of fake teachers. These people spread the false message, as they are not scholars, but common people like us who only memorize some basic Quran Kareem surah, some prominent Arabic words, and famous hadith from our beloved Prophet PBUH. Even though, this is quite adequate for people who are not in the urge of finding the true message of the Quran. However, Muslims seeking the true essence of the Quran (which is a compulsion for all of us) should go for a genuine religious scholar who can explain every word of the holy book.

How do you know if the teacher is command over Islamic knowledge?

Now, prior to jumping into how to learn Quran online with Tajweed from the Quran teacher, make sure you conduct quick research about the whereabouts and qualification of the teacher. Moreover, inquire about their current students, along with the genuine opinion about certain religious topics. Besides, if the Holy Quran teacher belongs to any Madressa or religious school, then try to personally visit the place and look for the authenticity of the source behind their knowledge about the religion.

However, in the adverse case when you are opting to learn Holy Quran online, then my suggestion is not to fall prey for new Islamic institutes, rather hire a Quran teacher from respectable

For online Quran classes

Islamic institutes. Furthermore, another idea to check the teacher is by looking at the present students of

the Quran teacher, and asks them about their opinion about the teacher. Our motive is not to hurt anyone’s emotions, but the present society is an amalgamation of a bunch of true and false Islamic opinions and false Hadith storming over the cyber world. Hence, it is our moral duty, and utmost right to cross check the genuine Quran teacher with authentic knowledge about the Holy Book and Sunnah.

We are emphasizing of the qualification of the Islamic teacher, as you get to know about the tree through its roots. Hence, this will decide your future of learning and opinions about religious topics. Therefore, it is our moral duty to hire an online Quran teacher who is a true believer of Islam and the Holy Quran. Every teacher has a unique way of preaching, and it has a massive impact on the way we perceive a Surah or Hadith. Moreover, our method of the Holy Quran recitation also is somehow connected to the teaching method. Hence, you should seek an Islam teacher who enlightens our minds with the true spirit of Islam. May Allah guide us all with the right path!

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