Quran tajweed online
Jan 10, 2020
Quran with Tajweed Course

What is tajweed:

In the context of Quran recitation, the terms “tajweed” is frequently used. It is derived from the Arabic word which meaning “to improve” or “to make anything exceptional.”

When you learn quran with tajweed, you will be able to correctly pronounce the letters and words in Quranic verses, giving each letter its proper place in reciting the Quran. Tajweed also lends a lovely voice to Quran recital. It is important for all of us to learn tajweed.

Quran tajweed online

Importance of larning tajweed:

Each Arabic word has a Makhraj and a Sifaat  (attributes or characteristics). Tajweed requires an understanding of the Makhraj and Sifaat of each letter. When two letters have very similar entrances, it’s simple to confuse them. As a result, if a person does not understand the characteristics of each letter, the meaning of the words in Quran recitation may be altered. As a result, studying and using the Tajweed guidelines when reciting the Quran keeps the reciter from committing such errors.

Importance of learning tajweed online:

since there are many method to learn Tajweed, the benefits of learning Tajweed online make it the best way to obtain this exceptional Quranic knowledge.

  • One of the benefits of learning Tajweed online is the ability to find a comprehensive, integrated, and distinct course to learn Quran Tajwid.
  • Online Tajweed classes remove all the shortcoming and hurdles that prevent Muslims from taking Quran classes such as intersecting school education time with tajwid classes times.
  • The resources, tools, and software used for learning the Quran online provide a best opportunity for those who want to learn in an communicating and effective way.

It is much important to learn tajweed but there are some hurdles in way of people living in non muslim communities, biggest opportunity for them is to learn quran with tajweed online. Those who learn the tajweed online have a richer understanding of the text’s meaning. After all, Tajweed simply means “beautification”.

The holy Quran is a divine message, kindness, and direction to all humanity from Allah Almighty. It offers information, regulations, and suggestions on all aspects of life, as well as references to the afterlife. As a result, it’s critical to recite the Quran with Tajweed in order to prevent pronouncing Allah’s words incorrectly (SWT). Actually, a single letter error might lead to misinterpretation or incorrect interpretation of the entire verse (ayah).

 Tajweed rules:

It helps us to pronounce Arabic alphabets exactly the way that they should be pronounced so that our words have the intended meaning.

Tajweed Rules The rules of tajweed are classified as follows:

  1. Nun and Meem Mushaddad is that nun or meem which has a shaddah with Ghunnah of 2 beats.
  2. Al –Qalqalah is vibration in the sound at the last of the pronunciation of any letter of Qaaf, Ttaa, Baa, Jiim or Daal, when it is Saakin; with sukoon or shaddah.
  • Noon saakinah and Tanween Rules Nun Saakinah is the nun with no Harakah or with a Sukoon. Tanween is a noon Saakinah at the end of the nouns is pronounced as Noon Saakinah without writing noon.
  1. eem Saakinah Rules Meem Saakin is the meem with no Harakah or with a Sukoon sign on it.
  • Requirements for tajweed course
  1. Those who want to learn tajweed must have read quran one time before.
  2. Who are fluent in reading quran can learn in best way, can achieve full skill of course.
  • Learners must have knowhow of some basic things related to tajweed such as Madd,


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