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Jan 21, 2020

Knowing the meaning of Quran verses is important for all Muslims. Noor Ul Quran translation course intends to lay the basic foundation of understanding Arabic and its meanings. If we don’t know the translation of the verses, we cannot understand the commands and messages of Allah. 

Allah Almighty says in Holy Quran:

” and so we make the Qur’an clear for a people who know.” (Surah Al-An ‘am; Verse No 105) “

Quran with translation is one of the most important Courses.

A single mistake in understanding the Quran can change the entire meaning of the verses of Holy Quran. Our online Noor Ul Quran translation course designed for those who want to understand Quran by learning the meaning of Quran. In our course, you will learn the Arabic words with meanings and grammar that helps to understand Quran. This course enables students to understanding Holy Quran and after a couple of weeks, students will be able to translate almost 80% of Quranic words.


The goal of this course is to learn the translation of Qur’an.

Quran Translation Course Outlines: 

Joining our Translation Course, learners will be able to read and understand Quran properly.Course contents/outlines are given below:

  • Understand the summary / context of Quranic verse
  • Learn surah’s Arabic translation word by word
  • Learn full translation of the surah
  • Learn benefits of reciting the surah
  • Start from the 30th chapter and then from the first chapter

Our Teaching Methodology:

In our Noor Ul Quran academy, we cover the course in the following steps:

Part 1:

In the beginning, Students learn the meaning of a few words.

Part 2:

In the next stage, Tutors describes the meaning of every verse word by word.

Part 3:

In the advanced stage of this course, students will understand the contextual meaning of the Quran verses.

Part 4:

At the end-stage, we make sure that students will be able to translate the Quranic Verses itself properly.

What are the languages offered for Quran Translation Course?

Noor Ul Quran offer Quran Translation in English Urdu, and Arabic languages. Here at our online academy, we have multiple authentic resources of Quran teachings. Our expert tutors are certified and can help you in gaining the knowledge of the Quran. Learners easily choose any language that they need for translation. Our tutor will explain the verses of the Quran and until you understand them, they will not move further. 

At the end of online Noor Ul Quran translation course, learners will be able to translate the Holy Quran word to word, explain the verses of Holy Quran and the background stories of Surah’s.The meanings of Ayah and Surah help you get a real knowledge of the Holy Quran. If you’re looking to understand the Holy Book with translation then you’re in the right place.

So, let’s get started today, towards Success.

Join our translation course 5 day free trial classes now and experience the unique essence of Quranic studies at our online Noor Ul Quran academy.

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